Swillington Organic Farm.

Welcome to Swillington Organic Farm. Our mission is to provide great welfare for animals, people and the planet.

We’re here to help you eat ethical and sustainable food. We do that with a number of Farm Share schemes that let you share in the harvest and support the people that produce it.

Since 1999, we’ve been farming and selling our meat, veg and eggs direct from our farm.

In that time we’ve won numerous awards and great reviews from our customers looking to buy ethically reared meat.

Healthy and Organic.

We produce honest food. The majority of our produce is organic and certified as such by the Organic Farmers and Growers body, this means that we uphold the highest quality standards.

We believe our customers should know what’s in their food so we always include the meat content on our labelling along with any added ingredients. We have a strong relationship with our suppliers and look to source only ethically produced goods for sale in our shop.

Outstanding Animal Welfare Guaranteed.

We’re proud of our high standards of animal welfare on the farm and guarantee that all our animals are kept to the highest organic and free range standards.

We organise regular farm tours and welcome pre-arranged visits throughout the year so that customers can see for themselves the happy outdoor lives our animals lead.

Great Tasting Food – Quality Guaranteed.

We believe our produce is second to none. We always strive for the best. We’re proud of everything we produce and we hope you enjoy it.

However if for any reason you’re not fully satisfied with the quality of our produce let us know and we’ll refund or replace it.

Environmentally Friendly Agriculture.

We farm organically without the use of pesticides and chemicals using traditional and natural methods. We’re constantly trying to reduce waste and our aim is to be a plastic free business.

Direct From The Producer.

We sell what we produce direct to you the consumer. This cuts out middlemen and supermarkets, saving you money and giving you much fresher food. We believe this freshness and traceability is what is important as it promotes the connection between field and fork and builds greater links with our local community.